Brest’s Museum of Fine Arts

The museum of fine arts, which is housed in a post-war reconstruction building, opened its doors in 1968 in the heart of Brest’s downtown. It boasts an original collection of 10,000 objects, mainly in the fine arts (paintings, sculptures and graphic arts) and often associated with the city’s maritime history.


It also consists of the only artothèque (art-loaning library) in Finistère, which gives visitors an original opportunity to borrow art for their homes. With its collection of over 900 works available for loaning (prints and photographs) it complements the museums exhibitions by offering a more contemporary artistic perspective.


From Canaletto’s bright Piazzetta San Marco to the abstract universe of Yves Tanguy — from the Nabis canvases of Paul Sérusier and Georges Lacombe to Anna Quinquaud’s African sculptures and from Edouard Manet’s parrots to Pierre Bonnard’s garden: let yourself embark on an artistic journey that is well worth the visit !